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Updated: Sep 21, 2017

That's the idea here. "Wanderlust" is defined as a strong desire to travel and experience new things. It really does encapsulate what I find so amazing about this business. I've been lucky enough to film across the US, but also throughout Europe, and a bit of Africa and South America. I love working in new places with new people as it keeps things fresh, and ensures you're always learning new things.

What always amazes me is how small and inter-connected this industry can be. That with a few well placed phone calls, you find someone that knows someone amazing in the middle of nowhere, which is exactly where you need to be. That it's possible to build an amazing production team most anywhere in the world, even if there is little to no industry, and you have to build it yourself. That's the fun part.

Favorite locations thus far? Filming at the #louvre in #Paris, shooting on #glaciers in #Alaska, #cliffjumping in Polignano a Mare #Italy, and working with children in Moshi #Tanzania.