Like many industries, film production has been greatly impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, but WANDERLUST has remained at the ready for our clients, and have produced several projects since filming opened up.   Based in New England where case numbers are currently "under control", we believe smart productions can be executed with a high level of safety locally.That said, we are also continuing to shoot out of market as well, so long as we feel it is safe for all involved.

During quarantine, we stayed on top of industry and governmental guidelines, devised our own protocols and have plans in place to help provide a safe work environment by way of working with smaller crews, providing virtual feeds for off site client participation, and by getting involved with our clients to shape smart creative solutions.


At the moment, we have ongoing productions in MA, NJ, TX, NV and WV.   Working safely is possible.  Although the look of production has changed for the forseeable future,  we are very well positioned to provide the same (if not greater) level of partnership our clients expect ,and remain ready to deliver strong content, just as always.

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