Producing responsibly and providing a safe work environment for our crew, talent and clients and agency partners has always been our #1 priority.   With the onset of Covid, things certainly changed, but we've proven that work can be done safely during the pandemic.  We work with our clients before and after award, to provide smart solutions allowing for safe production that does't sacrifice the end product.

We remain on top of CDC, AICP, federal and local governmental guidance, and have produced 30+ shoots without issue.   These range from remote shoots to full on stage productions.   Some of the safe set measures we've implemented include:

•  Employing certified Covid Compliance Offers 

•  Considering advance PCR testing  when advisable

•  Offering remote shooting and virtual video village options

•  Providing and requiring use of PPE, cleaning stations and sanitization

If you have any questions about what's possible, or want to brainstorm what might be, don't hesitate to reach out!