People always say how much they like the name Wanderlust, and that's a good thing because we do too. They also tend to like our 20+ years of broadcast/content experience.  That we've worked throughout the US, and across the globe. Also, that we're passionate, hands on and are invested in the success of our clients just as much as we're invested producing great content.

Massachusetts is home, but given the name, we like to travel. We'd abandoned the brick & mortar approach long before Covid19 made WFM the thing to do. By spending less on needless infrastructure,  we can be better at stretching a budget. Need an office in Madrid, we're on it. You get the idea. 

As for who we work with, it really depends on the project. Our clients tend to be ad agencies, but we work direct with brands too.  As for our team, we have worked with with an array of directors, photographers, editors and creatives based on their being right for a particular project. Though we don't have a roster, we've plenty of regulars that we'd love to introduce you to. It's all about bringing the right people together.  To that end, we're always on the lookout for new talent and new relationships, so feel free to drop a line.


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