People always say how much they like the name Wanderlust, and that's a good thing, because we do too, but they also seem to like what we bring to the table.


Founded in 2017 by EP Eric D’Amario, we offer a collaborative, hands-on approach that's backed by 20+ years of broadcast and content production work. 

What makes us a little different is we don't do sales reps, fancy offices or outsized handling fees. Instead we are about providing strong solutions and great talent for each job, by offering an ever-expanding roster of freelance directors, photographers, editors and creatives. Though we don't do the brick and mortar thing, we offer all aspects of production "under one roof". 

In addition to traditional content production, we also offer production services, and we support in-house client and  agency teams who need a little help. No matter the challenge (hello, Covid) or the solution (yes, we do remote everything) we strive to be a great partner.  For us, it's about making great content, building lasting relationships and having fun while doing what we do best.